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Brian in the 5K crowd2I just want to digress for a moment from wildflowers to the task of living in the world. Yesterday was the running of the Boston Marathon. The day before that, they held a 5 K race that loops around downtown Boston and everyone gets to cross the same finishline as the marathoners will cross the next day. B ran that 5K race and I took pictures. It was a beautiful morning and it was fun to be part of the huge crowd with their energy up and ready to run, and all their friends taking their pictures together. This second picture is of the finish line area, still getting set up before the race.BostonMarathonFinishline

Behind that line of flags is where someone detonated a bomb the next day, during the marathon, when that area was full of spectators. I was there myself, behind the flags, looking for a good view of the finishline… but it was Sunday, not Monday, so we walked away safely later that day and thought nothing of it. And the people in this picture are the kind of people that got blown up: young people, families, people taking pictures of their friends. I assume the bomber was there on Sunday, when I was there, planning where to distribute death, and could look at these people and somehow, he still carried out his plan.

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  1. Fate
    No costly sacrifice nor offerings given
    Can change the purpose of the powers of Heaven;
    Whatever Fate ordains, danger or hurt,
    Or death predestined, nothing can avert.

    – Theognis of Megara (James Davies translation)

    What an eerie feeling it must give to have been so close to such unsuspected danger. Glad you are all safe.

    M & K

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