Amaryllis while we wait

AmaryllisWhile we dream of spring, here is a giant tropical ignoring the snow outside the window. I notice on my calendar that in 2012, the spring peepers started singing on March 12, now almost two weeks past. That was an eerily warm winter. This blizzardy year, they’re still asleep under the ice.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum x hybridum)

3 thoughts on “Amaryllis while we wait

  1. Ah, the peepers are dreaming of spring along with everyone else. I did read that someone is suing Puxatawny Phil for his faulty prediction this year! That amaryllis had a spectacular awakening again. Good job!

  2. Beautiful bloom….right in your house! As to the peepers…..we heard a whole bunch of them at Greenup yesterday… roadside ditches…..sounded so good!

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