Red-eared Slider


There are stone steps leading from our driveway up to the yard, and one day, a turtle was positioned vertically against the bottom step, with one arm mightily extended onto the top of the step, ready to hoist itself up. I went in to get a camera, had to answer the phone, and by the time I got back, she had gone to plan B. (This is how slow I need wildlife to move for me to be able to take their picture.) Anyway, I think this is a red-eared slider, which is the kind of turtle that people have as little pets, and so many have been released, they are an invasive species in the Northeast. They have green skin and yellow stripes, and a red stripe on each side of the head. They are omnivores, and must be submerged to eat. This one was about 10″ in diameter and was coming from the pond, and still had pond vegetation on its shell. Where was it going?

Red-eared Slider (Pseudemys elegans)

3 thoughts on “Red-eared Slider

  1. I sure hope you see this little guy taking the direct way up the stairs again one day. That’s quite an image.

    • There used to be a much larger snapper which actually did use the stairs. Haven’t seen that one for a few years. It was an event when we happened to spot it on its trek through the yard.

  2. I like the humor you’re introducing this year……another chuckle is always welcome…..and your pictures are SO good!

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