Season slowly turning

Snow receding

Spring persuades the snow

to concede some real estate.

A stripe of grass shows.

3 thoughts on “Season slowly turning

  1. Ah, life is so persistent, isn’t it! It’s hard to imagine snow still blanketing your yard when the drought persists at our house into the fourth year and the temperatures are in the 80’s. We have resolved in our little corner of the world to enjoy fully the beauty that greets us every morning as the sun rises in a clear sky. (It doesn’t help to wonder whether the drought will continue indefinitely.) We are having a tree removal service come in this week to fell the dead pine trees in our woods before they fall on any structures or people. It’s going to look different. The California live oaks persist so far in spite of the lack of ocean fog that generally blankets their leaves in the morning. These are interesting times.

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