Calico Aster

Calico Aster

Recently spent a weekend in Vermont, driving the supply car for my motorcycle gang (!) and hiking Mt. Abraham. This calico aster was near our cabin, but it’s also common in my usual territory.

Aster family. Native. The central disk starts out pale yellow but matures to brown or red-violet–- this color variety is evidently the source of the calico name. Rays can be white or lavender-tinged. Primarily a woodland species.

Calico Aster, Starved Aster (Aster Lateriflorus)

Bonus photo: Morning clouds down in the valley. Vermont is really charming and apparently hardly anyone lives there, or at least that’s the feeling you get once you get off the highway. No wonder leaf-peeping in Vermont is so popular.Vermont-morning1

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    • Oh pshh, they don’t have leaf-peeping in CA? It’s a big industry in the northeast, where people go north for the weekend or longer, to Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine, for a blast of spectacular fall foliage with some New Englandy charm. And it really is spectacular if you time it right and have good weather. We definitely did it! I’ll have to send you some more pictures.

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