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My original plan for the blog was to photograph all the local wildflowers as they came into bloom and post them right away so that I would have a good record of the flowers with information about them and their blooming times. I was thinking I would do this multiple years and keep track of trends in the blooming time. That year we had a freakishly warm winter which really had me wondering how the plants would be affected. It was a big job; some days I’d barely walk out the door and I would see 10 new kind of things blooming. Plus I didn’t know what anything was and it took me a while to get efficient at identifying the flowers.

This spring I started out with the same plan, but I have been out of town so many weeks that I fell hopelessly far behind. So my new plan is to continue to photograph new discoveries and write about them, and when the growing season is over, I’ll create a good index to make this a more useful tool for Massachusetts wildflower identification. And post interesting flower photos when I have them. That’s the new plan.

Common Milkweed, Butterfly flower, Silkweed (Asclepias syriaca)

4 thoughts on “My new plan

  1. I would just say that since your original plan was a multi year plan, it might still be possible (and would for sure be very interesting) if you were to continue it as you are able in future years.

    • hm. I guess that’s true. So much work! Maybe next year I’ll be ready for it. For now, I’m satisfied with the idea of making a useful identification tool, which will be kind of a big job in itself…and adding new plants when I discover them…

  2. Nice to meet you folks on the trails. (Noanet Woodlands) Now I will have an idea what Im looking at in terms of wildflowers when I hike the trails in the Needham- Dover area. 2 of my favorite spots are the Peninsula and Noanet… Please check out my Flickr page. I have numerous photos of wildflowers in my Nature Set and under Sunsets…. Greg

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