Water Hemlock


One of North America’s most poisonous plants, and it’s growing right on the corner by our house. You don’t even have to ingest it; it’s poisonous to taste. Many recorded deaths of people, and apparently it kills a lot of grazing livestock. Can grow to 8 feet tall. Parsley  family. Native.

Water Hemlock, Cowbane, Poison Parsnip (Cicuta maculata)

4 thoughts on “Water Hemlock

  1. Holy cow! That’s the kind of thing Jaxson would munch on if he was just momentarily bored. He tastes everything. It looks so completely innocuous.

    • well, I don’t know if you have it in California.But it likes swampy areas. So look out for tall Queen Anne’s Lace-ish plants growing near water and tell all the dogs no tasting!

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