Violet varieties

Freckles violetYellow violetRed-eye violet

Varieties of violet originally from Dr. Whiteside’s garden in Charleston, Illinois, now growing in my yard. Freckles, Common Yellow Violet, and Red-eye. Little masterpieces.

Freckles Violet (Viola sororia)

Common Yellow Violet (Viola pubescens eriocarpa)

4 thoughts on “Violet varieties

  1. Hi there, I live in Needham and am currently co-chairing the Needham Womens Club Garden Tour that takes place in June. I am actively seeking out Needham gardens to include in the 2015 tour. We typically have 6 gardens on the tour. I thought you may know of some interesting possibilities from your travels around town. I have been driving around looking for yards with interesting plantings…and trying not to get arrested for stalking 🙂 LOVE your web site BTW! Makes me want to get out and walk through the woods!

    Thanks for your time and consideration of this post
    Cindy Macgowan

    • thank you so much! I’ll have to think of gardens to recommend… at the moment, I’m thinking of just one that’s small but jam-packed, and the owner specializes in daylilies, which might be looking really good in June. Let me ask her if she is interested in being considered, and I’ll brainstorm about others… If yes, I’d rather send you her info via a private email address…

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