Beautiful delicate little flowers. A delight to spot them. Madder family. Native. Last week, we went to an oratorio which included this short poem written by a troubled WWII soldier (John Meneely) to his wife:

I know a land where roses bloom
And bluets mark their compass points.
The oriole with findlong tongue
The breeze anoints.
This land I know within my heart
Is lost unless you bring the chart.

Bluets, Quaker Ladies, Azure Bluets, Innocence (Houstonia caerulea)

Bluets (Quaker Ladies)

At Centennial, I saw only one single bloom of this, but down the street by Walker Pond, there is quite a colony. They’re beautiful — the color so subtle. Cannot find why they are called Quaker Ladies!

Bluets, Quaker Ladies (Houstonia caerulea)